Cancellation Policy

When you start purchasing your cart, our system will receive confirmation about your order. However, if you want to change your choices about your purchase, please be aware that you will have 24 hours to remove goods from your order before they are processed. 

Contact us via to submit your cancellation request, remember to involve the order number in your subject. When you send us an email about canceling your order, this email must include details about: the order number (order ID), shipping address, phone number, email address, and recipient's name. After that, you will be led to the next steps. In most cases, it might take up to 7 business days due to the proper procedure of your bank issuer to get back your money, and you will be approved for a full refund of your order. 

After the period of 7 days, the order has already been processed, SunRise Unique will be able to reject the request about canceling your order.